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Absenteeism is a major cost in business and annoying for both employer and employee. On average, absenteeism among company employees is about 5% which means that per employee out of a thousand working days, about 50 are absent due to illness (CBS). That means an average loss of €400 per day per employee on sick leave. Think of flu and back and neck pain but certainly also stress and burnout complaints (60%). The normal route through Occupational Health and Safety Service and company doctor is often cumbersome and lengthy.

Prevent and cure

With preventive care and a healthy lifestyle, most of the absenteeism could have been prevented. In fact, several large-scale studies show that, “Healthcare Programs” (Health Plans) reduce staff absenteeism. In addition to reducing absenteeism, health programs have been found to have other benefits for employers (and therefore employees): 85% higher employee engagement, 62% higher productivity and 17% less talent loss.

In addition to complaint prevention and lifestyle improvement, employees can also come to us with acute complaints (based on agreements with the respective company) on a priority basis. We will then see what therapy and/or to which therapist these symptoms can be treated most quickly and best, so that the employee can quickly return to work.

The power of IMC Gimborn

Our mission is to get people back to health quickly and put people back in control of their own health, well-being and performance. Through a combination of validated testing and a personal intake, we arrive at a personalized health plan for the employee. Our team of skilled and specialized therapists will then work with your employee. In this way, the employee quickly becomes healthy and this promotes sustainable employability in the company. IMC Gimborn helps improve workplace vitality through an innovative approach that allows employees to discover their full potential. Together, we can put health and wellness at the center of your organization.

How does the IMC track work?
After arrangements are made with the company, an employee can apply for the IMC track. Then there is an intake with a regular case manager (he/she remains the personal contact throughout the process) and he/she will take a number of measurements (collect data) to assess the employee’s vitality. Then an integrated look is taken at what therapies/therapies are needed for effective recovery. Both regular and complementary therapies are used in this process. Through this personal health plan, the employee is guided toward recovery. During the recovery program, the employee goes through the treatments needed for him/her, supplemented by any lifestyle advice. Vitality measurements are taken again at the end of the program to provide an objective picture of improved health. At the conclusion of the program, the case manager discusses whether the request for help has been answered and goes over advice for the future.

It is then advisable to schedule an appointment for a preventive check over a longer period of time to prevent possible relapse.


We will make customized arrangements with the relevant company. This will discuss which services and/or packages one wants to use and the associated costs.