Dennis Holverda D.O.- MRO.

Registered Osteopath NRO (member NVO).

I have been working at (Practice Gimbornhof) IMC Gimborn since 2001. After studying Physical Therapy, Manual Therapy and CranioSacral Therapy, I started studying Osteopathy.

In 2007 I graduated from the “International Academy of Osteopathy”  and have been working in our practice as a registered Osteopath ever since. Here I enjoy treating adults as well as babies and children with a variety of complaints on a daily basis.

Osteopathy is totally it!
After my physical therapy training, I took successive courses in manual therapy and cranio-sacral therapy. Manual Therapy taught me more about the spine and through CranioSacral Therapy I gained a better understanding of the psychosomatic side of my field and thus a better view of the human being as a whole.

Because these two therapies fascinated me so much and they both originated from Osteopathy, I wanted to delve further into them. This is how I came to Osteopathy and this is totally it for me!

Even as a graduated Osteopath, you are never done .
New developments and depths in Osteopathy continue to fascinate me. Thus, immediately after graduation, I continued to study the various facets of Osteopathy.

Both new developments and traditional approaches give me the input as an “all-round” Osteopath to properly treat the various problems I encounter in my practice.

Here one of the basic principles of Osteopathy plays an important role and that is to strengthen the self-healing ability of the body! Thus, not only is the cause of the complaint sought, but also the vitality in the body needed for recovery.

Because gentle and subtle techniques are used, the traditional approach is ideally suited for babies and children.

It continues to fascinate every day how you can use relatively gentle techniques and knowledge of the human body to enhance people’s healing process. Whether a baby, child or adult, every human being longs to return to the original balance in the body.

Stimulating this process and supporting the self-healing action of the body makes Osteopathy a wonderful profession!

Organizing and teaching continuing education yourself
Since 4 years I, with another enthusiastic colleague, have been providing continuing education for osteopaths in the Netherlands. These continuing education courses focus primarily on the traditional thinking of founder A.T. Still. We want to revive this philosophy and resulting forms of Osteopathy in the Netherlands. For this, the three of us have set up a foundation Osteopathic Studies NL that organizes an annual continuing education course.

Since 3 years I am also a teacher at the only real Dutch training for osteopathy: College Sutherland Amsterdam. Together with my colleague Lex Flisijn, we regularly teach students there who also want to become osteopaths. I teach the classes on the pelvis and spine (back and neck).

In-service training

Over the past 15 years, I have enriched myself with various continuing education courses:

Children’s osteopathy (1 to 4) – Eva Moeckel & Noori Mitha (Hamburg/Parin, D)

From Embryo to Consciousness – Sander Kales (NL)

Short leverage techniques (Hartman) – Daryl Herbert (Antwerp, B)

Balanced Ligamentous Tension – Paolo Tozzi (Amsterdam, NL)

Biodynamic aspects within Osteopathy (Phase 1 to 9) – Christian Sullivan/ Veronique Everaerts/ Stephen Kisiel (NL, F, UK, B)

The Philosophical Foundations of Osteopathic Principles & Practice – Walter McKone (Maaseik, B)

Osteopathy and the Fascial System (I, II, III) – Jaap van der Wal / Robert Schleip/ Arno Lataster / Frank Vermeule / Serge Paoletti (NL)

Cortex (Neurology) – Cranial

Osteopathy – Maurice Bensoussan MD DO FCA (Antwerp, B)

First Breath – Hanneke Nusselein (Westmalle, B)

Perfectionnement – Maurice Bensoussan MD DO FCA (Lisbon, P)

Annual refresher CPR/AED in adults and children (Slingeland hospital, Doetinchem,NL)