Lex Flisijn

Osteopath D.O.-mro

Registered with NRO (No. 00574) and member of NVO

The question I get frequently is: Why did you become an Osteopath?
Two important moments in my life have been defining.

In my childhood, my mother suffered from mental health problems. As a result, she had to be hospitalized regularly. For me as a child, this was hard to understand and frustrating that I could not help her. So when I chose my studies, I hesitated between psychology or economics. More than 30 years ago, I finally chose to study economics.

During a trade show, I decided to have a “relaxing” treatment. I had no specific complaints, but something like this seemed nice. After this treatment, my head felt very light, I slept like an ox for days and walked with a big smile on my face for weeks. Interested, I myself did the courses in cranio-sacral therapy and somatic experiencing to broaden my view. Then I decided on a drastic choice….

Turning my life around
For six years, my vacation days and many weekends went into studying osteopathy. Then I resigned from my good position in business and started a practice of osteopathy in 2011. With great pleasure and great gratitude, I have been helping clients get rid of their, often chronic, symptoms ever since. In doing so, I still often think of my mother and am happy that I can now make a difference in the lives of these people. Since 2019, I have been co-owner of IMC Gimborn

Propagating the profession
To contribute to the development of the profession, I have been a board member of the professional association for osteopaths. As dean of the Dutch College of Osteopathy Sutherland in Amsterdam, I helped establish the full-time program. After four years as a teacher in Germany, I am currently transferring my enthusiasm to students as a teacher of visceral techniques at College Sutherland in Amsterdam.

In-service training

Craniosacral therapy (training)

Cranial osteopathy by Maurice Bensoussan

How to classify and how to approach different types of Plagiocephaly

Treating the unsettled baby

Trauma therapy through Somatic Experiencing (training)

Organ psyche

Interoception, myofascial tissue and body perception

Basic Bio-regulation System

Adhesions and chronic abdominal pain, diagnosis and treatment

Refresher visceral techniques

International congress ‘fascia at sea’

Fascia, fabrica or fabric, on the origin of fascia

Fascia as a sensory and emotional organ

Fascial decoding by Serge Paoletti

The human body as a pressure system

The ART of Listening to the Body: Holistic Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation

Multiple 3-day dissection of the human body in the cutting room of the University Heidelberg (D)

Periodic repeat CPR and AED for adults and children