Thomas van Doren

Physical therapist

My name is Thomas van Doren and I work as a psychologist and physical therapist
within IMC Gimborn.

I graduated as a physical therapist from 2009 and have studied mainly how people move (movement chains, anatomy trains and osteopathic manipulations) and how to optimize this. Gradually, people’s behavior became more and more interesting to me and the motivations behind it. I found out more and more that there is no separation between the physical and mental.

Because of this, I decided to study Psychology at Radboud University in 2012. During college, I was very drawn to behavior formation and behavior change. The things we experience from an early age tend to influence how we behave now. Even though the behavior was functional at the time, it doesn’t have to be now and may even throw you off balance. After studying Psychology, I took the Master’s degree in Occupational, Organizational and Health Psychology to further study sustainable behavior change.

After training, I began working in rehabilitation care and gained extensive experience in both physical and mental treatment of chronic pain, imbalance between load and load capacity, burnout, trauma, anxiety symptoms, depressive symptoms, meaning issues and lifestyle change. During that time I studied ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and EMDR, which I use in my treatment, among other things.

By looking with people in a broad way (physical, mental, social, meaning and lifestyle), I enjoy guiding people in an experiential way via gaining insight towards behavioral change in order to regain balance

Courses and training

Bachelor of Physical Therapy

Bachelor of Psychology

Master of Labor, Organizational and Health Psychology

Osteopathic manipulations

Motor training in musculoskeletal pain – Extremities

Anatomy Trains, Structure and Function I & II.

ACT basics and deepening


Behavior Change by Ben Tiggelaar