Manual therapy

Manual therapists specialize in the examination and treatment of patients with complaints of the spine and joints in the arms and legs.

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What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy involves looking at how the joints move and where possible limitations are in this movement. By optimizing the mobility of the joints, movement becomes easier, reducing symptoms.

Why see a manual therapist?

The manual therapist is trained to make connections within the body. That is, a limitation of motion in the hip, for example, can lead to back pain.

Or vice versa, that a restriction of movement in the back leads to pain in the knee, for example. The manual therapist specializes in (back) complaints, both acute and long-term. By making these connections in the “chain,” a manual therapist may be able to help you with symptoms that regular physical therapists have failed to address.

What can I expect at a visit?

During the first treatment, the therapist will start with an intake interview. This conversation is designed to get the best possible picture of the complaint and what obstacle(s) it causes in daily life. After this intake interview, the therapist will start a (physical) examination to find out what is causing the complaint. Should an examination reveal an indication for manual therapy, this treatment will be initiated at the first appointment.

Manual therapy improves range of motion and decreases pain.

What can I expect in a treatment?

Treatments are aimed at optimizing the body’s moving functioning. This can be done in different ways and it will be tailored to each person, to each complaint, what is best. Treatment modalities consist mainly of bench treatments (mobilization/manipulations), exercises and advice for posture and movement. By optimizing moving functioning, the body can repair the complaint. In addition, you minimize the chance of developing other complaints or a recurrence of the complaint.

Cost and reimbursement

If you are insured for physical therapy, manual therapy treatment is also covered. If you do not have supplemental health insurance or have already submitted your treatment for this year, please check rates for current prices .

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Frequently Asked Questions Manual Therapy

A manual therapist is a physical therapist who, after completing his training in physical therapy, has a
Master’s degree program in manual therapy. With that, he has additional knowledge and
gained knowledge of movements in the spine and all other weights.
Manual therapy specializes in pain around the spine.

The effect of manual physical therapy is often immediate. After the treatment, notice
you a relief from pain. Also, you also notice that the body is much more mobile

No! Our manual therapists work with light mobilizations that slowly move in
intensity are built up to make the affected joint more mobile.

Because the manual therapist releases blockages in the body that have been stuck for a long time. The
body is going to adapt because conditions have changed. You may be
suffer from aftereffects for the first two days. This gradually diminishes.

Most complaints can be improved in three or four treatments. Our manual
therapists see the patient on average once every two weeks. After which the
intervals become longer until the complaint disappears completely.

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