Rik Verstegen

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Manual therapist

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My name is Rik Verstegen and I am working as a physio-manual therapist within IMC Gimborn.

I studied physical therapy at the college of Arnhem and Nijmegen, the HAN (2009-2013), where I also studied manual therapy (2013-2016).

The added value of the Master’s program at the HAN is that as a therapist in the first year, in addition to manual therapy, you will also deal with sports physiotherapy and orofacial (jaw) physiotherapy. I can put this additional experience to good practical use.

As a manual therapist, you specialize in joints that, for whatever reason, are less able to function properly and therefore cause pain.

You also specialize in including the entire ‘(movement) chain’ in examination and treatment. ‘Chain thinking’ means that, for example, with foot pain, you also look to see if there might be a movement restriction in another joint, such as the knee or pelvis.

Through the knowledge from manual therapy, I have specialized in (low) back pain, neck pain, tinnitus and knee pain.

Besides my Master’s degree and my work in the practice, I am part of the Cooperative Physiocare Southeast Gelderland, active on the soccer fields and proud father of two children. With which I live with my partner in Lent near Nijmegen.

The challenging thing in the profession of physical therapy is, to work with you to find a solution that can resolve the symptoms.

Everyone is an individual. This means that not every condition will present the same symptoms and therefore will not require the same treatment. This creates a customized treatment plan for each individual.

As IMC Gimborn, we are unique when it comes to combining regular therapy with complementary forms of therapy. This integrated approach requires a customized treatment regimen, which ensures optimal treatment results. A comprehensive intake is done for this purpose. For this intake, you will also meet with me within the practice.

“A body is made to recover, if recovery is not possible for any reason, the physical therapist is the person who can initiate recovery.”

Courses and training

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation (manual therapy)

Mulligan concept (manual therapy)

Medical taping

Classic taping

Wide range of lifestyle improvement courses